Home Competitions

All OARC Home Competitions take place at the Pickaquoy Track and are open to OARC members and non-members.

Entry forms and relevant fees are generally circulated in advance of each competition via parental contact email, detailed on the Club Noticeboard, Website and Facebook page and athletes will be informed at Training Sessions.

Home Competitions are a great way for all athletes to gain experience, try out various events, put their training into practice and identify their PB (Personal Best) in each discipline.

We try, wherever possible, to make our Home Competitions fun and relaxed, aiming to introduce athletes to the world of competitive athletic events in a supported way, however, for our athletes’ efforts to be recognised on a national performance platform, strict competition rules and regulations must be adhered to and we appreciate parental support in getting Entry Forms in by stated deadlines and reinforcing the need to listen to and respect the decision of Competition Officials.

Home Competitions are also a great way for parents to get involved in the Club, as we are always looking for people to help officiate (not nearly as daunting as it sounds), set-up, supervise athletes or assist on the Fundraising Refreshment Table.

Contact the Club Officials Co-ordinator via officials@orkneyarc.org.uk if you would be willing to help at Home Competitions.

Away Competitions

The number of Away Competitions which OARC participate in, varies from year to year, according to athlete profile, ability and coaching resource, however, in recent years the Club has generally attended approximately six events on mainland Scotland during the Summer Competitive Season.

Team selection criteria depends greatly on the competition being attended, however, as a general rule, whilst ability is a major factor, athlete attendance at training, attitude and behaviour are also taken into consideration.

The cost of travel to Away Competitions is also a factor in determining the size of team which the Club can feasibly select – as is the need for an adequate number of coaching team and parental helpers.

As with Home Competitions – volunteering as a Parent Helper for Away Competitions is another great way to get involved – and provides a fantastic opportunity to support and encourage the athletes.

Contact the Club Competition Co-ordinator via competition@orkneyarc.org.uk if you would be willing to help with Away Competitions.

In addition to Away trips organised by the Club athletes are encouraged to travel independently to competitions and development events. OARC appreciates the costs involved in travelling and has formalised its Athlete Travel Assistance Policy and application process and this is available to all OARC members.

Any queries please contact the Treasurer – treasurer@orkneyarc.org.uk

Competition/Event Calendar

Details of all competitions which the Club are organising or attending or which individual athletes may wish to attend can be found on the Events calendar.