Orkney Athletic and Running Club (OARC) Annual General Meeting

20th February 2023

6:00 PM

St. Magnus Suite, Picky Centre


Anyone with an interest in the club is welcome to attend the AGM. This would include all junior and senior members, and parents/guardians of junior members, as well as coaches, volunteers and officials of the club. Only members and their proxies have voting rights.


Trustees form the board of Orkney Athletic and Running Club (OARC) and operate the club in accordance with the constitution.   

  • Any junior or senior member is eligible to become a trustee of OARC. Parents/Guardians of Junior Members are also eligible to be trustees of OARC. 
  • Non-members (such as coaches) may be elected as a co-opted trustee by the membership.
  • OARC is restricted to four such co-opted trustees and no more than 10 member trustees amongst a maximum of 12 total trustees.

The current (pre-AGM) Trustees of OARC are:

Inga Linklater (IL) – Chairperson (Junior Member Trustee)

Aly McPhail (AM) – Vice Chair (Co-opted Trustee)

Kirsty Swan (KS) – Treasurer (Junior Member Trustee)

Rob Dinsey (RD) – Secretary (Senior Member Trustee)

Julia McArthur (JM) – Membership Secretary (Junior Member Trustee)

Craig Moar (CM) – Seniors Representative (Senior Member Trustee)

Mags MacRae (MM) – Coaches Representative (Co-opted Trustee)

Kay Gilmour (KG) – Officials Coordinator (Junior Member Trustee)

John Cairns (JC)  (Co-opted Trustee) 

All trustees automatically retire at the AGM. Trustees who wish to do so will stand for re-election, alongside new candidates, as set out in the agenda below.


Under the OARC constitution, the quorum for a members’ meeting is 10 members entitled to vote, each being a member or a proxy for a member. Voting members may join by electronic means and count towards the quorum.


Each member has one vote, which may be cast personally or by proxy. Proxy votes (apart from parent/guardians of Junior Members, who are assumed to hold proxy) must be declared in advance of the meeting via email.

All votes are by simple majority, apart from the following elections which require a two-third majority:

  • Amending the constitution
  • Expelling a person from membership
  • A resolution directing the board to take any particular step (or directing the board not to take any particular step)
  • A resolution approving the amalgamation of the club with another SCIO
  • A resolution for the winding up or dissolution of the club.

If any vote is tied, the Chairperson holds a casting vote.


  1. Welcome
  1. Chairperson’s Annual Report
  1. Consideration of the Accounts of the Club
  1. Approval of proposed reserves policy
  1. Election and re-election of Trustees:
    1. Confirmation of retirement of existing trustees
    2. Confirmation of which trustees are seeking re-election
    3. Nomination of candidates for 2023/24 trusteeship including both re-elections and new candidates
    4. Election of trustees

If there are more people standing to be Trustees than the 12 allowable under the constitution (or more than four would be co-opted trustees) then a competitive vote will be held. If there are fewer nominations, a vote of assent/dissent will be taken on each candidate in turn.

  1. Approval of membership fees for 2023/4
  1. AOB

Reference Files

Treasurer’s AGM Note

Draft OARC Accounts up to 14th November 2022

Proposed OARC Reserves Policy

Membership Fees Proposal for 23/24